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i just wanna see what the new fancy badge really looks like tbqh Rabbit hole
it rained today
and it was the prettiest damn thing i've seen.

it rained and i thought of you. even though i'm not able to watch the sunrise; i'm able to see you dance in the rain with your  hair tangled and embracing every single drop there is, grinning. laughing. praying. praying for a miracle.

you are that miracle, i've come to find out. you are. you are. you are.
i have gotten a strong anxious feeling from surprising positive feedback (and truly, i am so shocked and grateful for this) - to having people look forward to my writing. although it is  a very small amount which makes it a tad more challenging to cool my jets and not come down with an anxiety attack due to the pressure of remaining 'quality', or riveting, or intriguing. to not keep up with those specific expectations, whatever expectations it may be, is completely devastating to me. so i've been attempting to upkeep my image for as long as i can hold on to it.
now, regardless of my amateur photography, i've atleast got that under control and can realize that i do not succeed at it.

i am still inherently bad at updating and keeping up with my own writing, of which pretty much has slowed down the past months - though i'm very much trying to change that.
i hear many great writers and previous contemporary artists on this site - have struggled with keeping an interest with artists on here, too. and i feel it's that they simply outgrew it at this time. that this small community is merely not enough for them to pass time and their worries with short few, sweet sweet harmonious words. and i find it rather silly, when those great wise writers claim the quality has declined. it's quite clumsy to say this, yes. i've led to believe there's a slight supercilious  perspective on it with some on here (of which i still greatly admire), aswell--not with any harmful intent, whatsoever.

though, considerably, deviantART has increased its traffic these recent years and does have quite a few that use this site for personal pleasure (see: tumblr), rather than a lesson in art. the front page has become rather vulgar, and unsightly to see. which is quite sad, really.

i wish you all well, of course. x stay rad.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States

i currently have a quarter and some lint in my right pocket (in other words - i am exceptionally rich), and work part-time and wish to reside in the bahamas one day.

i write and illustrate things on occasion and if you ever desire to establish an emotional connection with me, you must wear my undergarment in appreciation to getting to level one.

i am also intrigued by shenanigans, bukowski, 40 degree weather, and ridiculously pretty men and women.

i like my coffee black.

as you see here, i'm quite mad and it's beyond me if there is any sort of deranged engrossment regarding my personal health or works that have spit themselves out of me. and i'd rather not ask why.


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Thank you sooo much for the watch! You're awesome ;A;

And your about me is pretty interesting. I like it :XD:
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Danke for watching Fuzzeh-Wuzzie. But that account has been deactivated till September of next year[reasons] and I'm continuing art on this account. Thank you for watching me!
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how strange

alright, you're welcome
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yes, yes it is.
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thank you for the interest in my work
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